Letter from the Director


Dear Team,


Summer is flying by and the programs at the Learning Centers are starting to wind down. With our two older children, I was able to enjoy both the Bryan Innovative Lab field trip and the VBS mentioned in this newsletter. I loved the neighborhood feel of VBS. My children, a board member's children, and an old supporter's children joined the students from the Delmont Learning Center. Also in attendance were five students who will be in the new Learning Center, including one of my neighbors.


Coming up on July 31 - August 1 is our yearly Mystery Trip. The children have been working for an entire year to attend this overnight trip. Then on August 3, we are sending 20 middle and high school students this year to a life-changing week at camp in Pennsylvania. Thanks to your generosity, all of these trips are now fully sponsored!


Thank you for your support and encouragement,

Heather Goodlett

Executive Director

Youth Life Foundation of Richmond










Second grader Keymani Ross, has just received her third "Spirit of the Lion" Award from Glen Lea Elementary! The "Spirit of the Lion" is awarded to the students who show great effort in their academics and leadership among their peers. Keymani rightly earned this award, as we have also seen these qualities in her at the center! She has such a big and soft heart and often sets a great example for our younger students by her obedience and attitude. Keymani brings joy and laughter and we love having her at Youth Life.


Some fun facts about Keymani:

- She loves math "because we learn about regrouping." (Subtracting those large numbers is tough!)

- Keymani wants to be a basketball player when she grows up.

- Her favorite part of the Learning Center is Bible time "because we learn about God."

- Besides God being her hero, Keymani also admires her mom because of the way she takes care of her.

We are proud of Keymani for all the hard work that she puts into school! Through her dedication, we have been watching her improve in reading and math this year. We are happy to celebrate this award with her! Way to go Keymani!