Letter from the Director


Dear Team,


Happy New Year! Are you one who has made New Year's resolutions? Goals for 2015? Many times people get a sense in the New Year they want to do things that make a difference. They want to feel purpose beyond themselves and the everyday job, making money, and the otherwise hamster wheel of life.


But goals are empty without practical steps. Might I suggest some practical ways you can get involved with YLFR in 2015? These children will make you feel like you are involved in something full of purpose! Twelve years into this , seeing our Youth Life kids grow up with people who care about their futures and who help them realize their goals has been an amazing use of my time and finances!


Practically, if you live outside of Richmond but still want to touch these children's lives, would you consider partnering with us monthly? We had three families in December say they wanted to partner with YLFR $50 each month; one family increase their already generous $75/month giving to $100; and a church increase their giving by $500/year! These partners join the already 75 individuals or families and 15 churches who give regularly to Youth Life Foundation of Richmond and sustain our programs! Contact hgoodlett@ylfr.org today to find out how you can become a monthly partner!


If you live in the RVA area, a great way to get involved is to give 2 hours of your week to mentor a student! Each day, Monday through Thursday, we have around 75 students in kindergarten through high school who need someone to believe in them, encourage them, and help them succeed. Please contact mentor@ylfr.org today to take that first step at getting involved.

Happy New Year!

Heather Goodlett

Executive Director

Youth Life Foundation of Richmond










Thanks to Ross Tretrault of the University of Richmond for this beautiful slideshow!

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