Letter from the Director


Dear Team,


It has been exciting this past month to take people on tour through the Learning Centers. On Tuesdays, I love going through our Northminster Learning Center where both the new elementary program and LC Remix are housed. Seeing students from kindergarten through 12th grade getting mentored all under one roof motivates me to continue raising money to ensure these opportunities always exist. On Wednesdays, it is inspiring to show folks how our LC Remix students are giving back to their own communities by mentoring the younger students in all three elementary locations.


I recently met a sophomore basketball player from University of Richmond who is mentoring alongside Arturion. Both of these young men have boys looking up to them. The UR student actually grew up in the neighborhood and attended the same elementary school that our kids go to. This is what we are hoping to see cultivated in our own youth: a desire and commitment to give back.


Whom are you pouring into? I would encourage you to get involved in someone's life who needs a mentor, no matter what the age, organization, or setting. If you live in Richmond and serving a K-12 student appeals to you, contact Charity Smith, mentor@ylfr.org to start mentoring a YLFR student today.

A special thank you to our wonderful mentors who serve our students well!

Heather Goodlett

Executive Director

Youth Life Foundation of Richmond










Calvin is one of our oldest students to join the new Learning Center. Since the beginning of the summer, Calvin was closely following the progress of the center coming together and was highly anticipating its opening! Now that the program has started, we asked Calvin to share a bit about himself and why he was looking forward to joining the Youth Life program.


Calvin, a fan of chocolate chip ice cream and pizza, is in the 5th grade at J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School. He admits that when he first heard about Youth Life, he just knew that it sounded fun, but didn't know anything else about it. He was excited about the ideas of the Fun Friday trips and the Mystery Trip! Now that Calvin is in the program, he has quickly become a leader among his peers. Without hesitancy, he follows the Learning Center rules and helps look out for the younger students. Although he did not know a number of the students, Calvin began joking with them on the bus and playing football with them at recess on the first day. He is beginning to see that the Learning Center could benefit him to reach his future goal as a basketball player, by "teaching me how to focus."